Happy One Year!

Languedoc turned one year old in December 2016 and today our baby company is becoming more and more independent and building its own personality.

The personality is what makes you differ from others; it is a set of your own qualities which is unique. So, what makes us unique in comparison with other New Zealand and Australian translation agencies?

Well, first of all, we provide the cheapest French from/into English and Russian from/into English translations in New Zealand and Australia. Yes, I mean it, we do have resources and opportunities to provide (I will repeat it) the cheapest French from/into English and Russian from/into English translations in New Zealand and Australia. If you find out that it is not so, name the site of a cheaper company, and if:

  • their translations are done by a human translator and therefore meet the quality standards, and
  • this company is established in New Zealand or Australia,

we will do your translation for $5 cheaper or will delete this post.

Secondly, we are the only writers welcome translation agency that will take your book in English or a foreign language and turn it into a book in another language, put it on the market and help you become international. We are able to provide you with a whole range of accompanying services: translation, editing by a professional writer, proofreading, design, printing, transferring into an electronic format, acquiring an ISBN number, sending your manuscript to publishers and online shops etc. Just send us your book in Word – and we will do the rest!

Thirdly, as we care a lot about supporting creative people, and wish their talent and skills got to be known worldwide, we also suggest translation of YouTube videos demonstrating your skills, your lessons or adverts, your songs or your child’s achievements. Any video will be transcribed, translated and dubbed by a native speaker with a lovely voice.

Finally, as a proof of our quality work and high responsibility, I am proud to announce that we are in the list of 12 NZTA approved Canterbury translators in New Zealand. That means that we are one of a few companies able to provide certified translations of driver licences which enable you to apply for a New Zealand driver licence or to rent a car while traveling in New Zealand. Isn’t it a nice way to start our second year of life?

Kind regards,

Languedoc &

Olga Korlevic,

  • Director
  • Translator Russian<>English, Russian<>French, French<>English
  • NZSTI member
  • AUSIT member
  • Member of Russian Association of French Teachers
  • Member of Russian Union of Professional Writers