Translations Christchurch


We provide a large range of services in Australia and New Zealand guaranteeing the highest quality and a professional approach.

  • Translations. We employ mostly NZSTI or NAATI accredited translators to assure not only the quality of translations needed for official purposes (NZQA, NZTA, Immigration, Citizenship and Internal Affairs etc) but also to provide you with a product of excellent quality for personal use. Therefore, you will receive the highest quality for all the kinds of translations such as:
      • Documents for Immigration
      • Documents for Citizenship and Internal Affairs
      • Documents for NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority)
      • Documents for NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency)
      • Documents for OIO (New Zealand Overseas Investment Office)
      • Documents for MPI (New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries)
      • Documents for MSD (New Zealand Ministry of Social Development)
      • Documents for Australian authorities
      • Translations for business and personal use


      • Translation of Police Clearance Certificates
      • Translation of Work reference letters
      • Translation of Work Books
      • Translation of Birth Certificates
      • Translation of National Passports
      • Translation of Marriage Certificates
      • Translation of Divorce Certificates
      • Translation of Academic Qualifications and Transcripts
      • Translation of Driver licenses
      • Translation of Financial Statements
      • Translation of Court Judgements
      • Translation of Medical Certificates
      • Translation of Powers of Attorney
      • Translation of Agreements
      • Translation of Financial documents
      • Translation of Business cards
      • Translation of Websites, Apps, Advertising and Brochures
      • Translation of Promotional Materials and Product Information
      • Translation of Import/Export Labeling and Documentation
      • Translation of Letters
      • Translation of Affidavits
      • Translation of Books and Articles
      • Translation of Correspondence
      • And many more


  • Proofreading and Editing. If your document has already been translated before but you are not sure how it sounds in the other language, our native speakers are happy to help you make a few changes in your translation.
  • Keyboarding. Do you need to transfer your information to a word file? Letters, drafts, photos etc – we’ll keyboard it for you even if they are in a language other than English!
  • Rewriting. If you have your own site and know something about SEO, to rewrite an article could be sometimes a better option for you than to create a new one. As we work with words, we are ready to provide such service too, creating texts that are not less than 90% unique.
  • Transcription. We are happy to transfer your audio or video in any language into a text format. Our translators enjoy this type of work and native speakers will do their job at the highest professional level.
  • Tutoring. Do you think it is high time to learn a foreign language? We have a team of professional tutors and a cute class room in Maitland (Australia) where you can enjoy individual or group (up to 6 students) classes every week! You only have to contact us.

Whatever your choice is, start the communication with our managers ordering a free quote on this page.