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Best quality at affordable prices

Welcome to Languedoc

Postage and courier to any part of the world

Welcome to Languedoc

Recognition by New Zealand and Australian authorities

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Our agency employs only experienced and certified translators who guarantee you accuracy…

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We are a team of passionate specialists working with languages and documents. We are 100% dedicated to providing excellent quality and service, not only in translations but also in other business oriented areas (design, printing, scanning and copying etc), due to our close partnership with a professional printing shop in Australia.


The highest quality of our translations is due to the fact that we engage only the most suitable translator for your individual project, followed up with our stringent quality control and proof reading procedures. Whatever the language, or combination of languages, we have all the resources to meet the demands of today’s multi-lingual business market.


Our dedicated team of translators offers translation services in all major world languages, including: Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Samoan, Hindi, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Czech, Turkish, Korean, Maori, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Farsi, Polish, Japanese, Punjabi, Indonesian and many more).


Other reasons to work with us:


  • Best quality at affordable prices
  • Our translations are certified and accepted by New Zealand and Australian authorities*
  • Very comfortable and fast online service (contact form and payment)
  • Postage and courier to any part of the world

We provide a large range of services in Australia and New Zealand guaranteeing the highest quality and a professional approach.

  • Translations. We employ mostly NZSTI or NAATI accredited translators to assure not only…

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Our partners

Since 1998 Digiprint has supplied clients with a comprehensive range of high quality print and design services.

Their service, experience and reliability, as well as an understanding…

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How to pay

Before the beginning of work with your order you should pay our services using one of the suggested ways:

  • in our office using the ATM machine
  • via bank transfer (ask our manager for bank details)
  • from your…

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Long time ago, when people spoke only one language, they decided to build a tower that would reach to heaven. As this "stairway to heaven" was conceived to lead the people away from God, He thwarted people’s plans, confused their language, causing them to speak different languages so they would not understand each other, and scattered them of the city all over the face of the earth. Having this done, God said: "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them."

Today we don’t believe that we can reach heaven by building towers and sometimes our plans lead us so far away from where we are that we need people who speak a different language to understand us. Language Document Centre Languedoc can make it possible for you. Build your Babel Tower towards your international business, immigration or education, make multilingual contacts and friendships available, translate your book or articles – we are here to unite people all over the world in their best intentions!